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Hideto Imai
Born in 1968, Ise City, Japan.
After graduating from Ujiyamada High School, he studied graphic design at Tokyo Designer Academy in Nagoya from 1995-1998. He has been based in Ise since his stay in Florence and Rome.
Selected Exhibitions; 1996 VITA Exhibition Rome. 2008 Unity and Isolation New York. 2017 Arting159 Gallery Milan. 2017 Monogramma Arte Contemporanea Rome. 2018 Onishi Gallery New York. 2018 Contemporary Art Paddle Exhibition Tsu. 2019 Contemporary Art Paddle Exhibition Mie Prefectural Museum of Art Prefectural Gallery. 2019 Resonance Exhibition MyMicroGallery, Onishi project New York. Solo Exhibition Galleria Il Canovaccio Rome 1998. 2005 Gallery Ray Nagoya. 2006 Gallery Ray Nagoya. 2007 Gallery Ray Nagoya. 2007 Gallery Ray Nagoya. 2009 Ise Contemporary Art Museum. 2009 Daily Life, Onishi Gallery New York. 2010 Galleria Finarte Nagoya. 2010 Live Circulation The Gallery Shanghai. 2012 Stock Box,Onishi Gallery New York. 2012 Moderation, Onishi Gallery New York. 2012 Moderation II, Onishi Gallery New York. 2013 Moderation III, Onishi Project, Onishi Gallery New York. 2013 My Way: Minimal, Onishi Project, Onishi Gallery New York. 2014 SUBJECT, Onishi Project New York. 2015 SuBjEcT, Onishi Project New York. 2015 Café Glass Shobo Gallery Taiki 2016. Café Glass Shobo Gallery Taiki.2016 Peace and Relations, Onishi Project Onishi Gallery New York. 2016 MyWayMinimal Monogramma Arte Artcontemporanea Roma. 2019 Okuise work Odai.
Published in Italian newspaper. Many articles published in newspapers in Japan.
Published in New York Art Guide.
Canadian real estate company ,Rome Hotel Charter Public Collection
Exhibited at Artsy. 2021 Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition. Selected for the 2021 London International Creative competition